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Tim Smalley is a forward-thinking product, marketing and brand strategist who looks at things differently. Having had no formal marketing education, Tim is a practitioner who developed his own growth strategies through doing rather than theorising. He founded two highly profitable market-leading online businesses in the middle of major market downturns.

Customer Experience

Laser-focused on the entire customer lifecycle to deliver remarkable experiences that delight customers.

Digital Branding

Transforming organisational culture to create meaningful interactions with clients to rise above the noise.

Growth Hacking

Whether your marketing budget is big or small, optimizing your strategy for growth requires unconventional thinking.

Value Propositions

A great value prop is the difference between success and failure. Effectively communicating your real value is essential.


Find Product-Market Fit. Witness Phenomenal Adoption & Growth.

Without product-market fit, you cannot drive adoption and growth. Once all of the pieces of the product puzzle are in place, it’s time to find the path to traction and phenomenal growth.

  • "Tim identifies new growth opportunities, quickly gains buy-in from executive stakeholders and then delivers."
    UK2 Group
  • "Very knowledgeable, and has an ability to look at things from a unique angle. Tim is always a pleasure to work with."
  • "Tim is not afraid of asking the hard questions... I would recommend him any time."
  • After several projects together I wouldn't hesitate to work [with Tim] on something else!

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About Tim Smalley

With over 15 years in product management and marketing, Tim founded two successful online businesses and led one to exit in 2008. He spent the majority of the early part of his career focused on product, marketing and content. In 2010, he went on to land his first ‘proper’ marketing job as a digital marketing consultant for ASUS. In a four-year spell, he led a number of initiatives across the business and ended up as the Head of Global Technical Marketing, leading hugely successful product launches including Nexus 7, ZenBook, ZenFone and ZenWatch.

He is currently Head of Product Marketing at UK2 Group, where he is in charge of all aspects of marketing for, and He also mentors start-ups on product, marketing and brand strategy for the Accelerator Network and is a keynote speaker in FFWD London – London’s first pre-accelerator programme.

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