Outcome-Driven Product Marketing Consultancy

Hey! I am Tim Smalley. I’m an award-winning product marketing consultant. I help high-growth tech & SaaS companies to get inside the minds of their customers & prospects. I then use what we discover to develop high-growth product & market strategies using a robust outcome-driven framework that delivers results.

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Outcome-Driven Product Marketing Consultancy

Hey! I am Tim Smalley. I’m an outcome-driven product marketing consultant. I help high-growth tech & SaaS companies to get inside the minds of their customers & prospects. I then use what we discover to increase your conversion rates across your sales, marketing & onboarding funnels.

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Product Marketing Consultant

How my customer outcome-driven approach to product marketing can help your business…


I’ve spent 17 years observing and understanding what drives consumers to make decisions.


Traditional marketing processes are dying and there’s a new way to reach your target audience, which focuses on their outcomes and unmet needs.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


I started out as a product guy & became a marketer by accident. As a product marketing consultant, I’m at the intersection of product, sales & marketing.

I Build Successful Brands

Early in my career, I founded two online publishing businesses in significant market downturns. Both grew rapidly into market leaders with millions of monthly active users and millions in annual revenue, without spending a single penny on marketing. Relevant and targeted high-quality content enabled by great technology was the heart of both businesses.

In 2011, I landed his first ‘proper’ job as a digital marketing consultant for ASUS, before joining the company as its first global digital marketer. In a four-year spell, I led a number of marketing initiatives across the business and ended up as Head of Global Technical Marketing, leading hugely successful global launches including Nexus 7, ZenBook, ZenFone and ZenWatch, which generated a combined $15bn in revenue.

In a two and a half year period serving as Head of Product Marketing and then Marketing Director at UK2 Group, annual revenues more than trebled to £33m.

I am now running ground-up product marketing consultancy, Stratomic, which helps businesses to get inside the mind of their ideal customers and then develop digital-native customer experiences that increase conversion rates and lifetime value.


Brands I’ve Worked With…

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I have worked closely with Tim for the past 3 years on a number of projects, ranging from global ASUS events to numerous key product launches. Tim’s experience and capabilities played a vital role in our success in securing increased market share globally.”

John S.

Marketing Director, ASUS

“Tim drives the identification of new commercial growth opportunities, quickly gains buy-in from executive stakeholders and then delivers. He is laser-focused on exceeding expected outcomes for the business.”

Daniel H.

Commercial Operations Director, 100TB.com

“Professional, technical and humble are the first thoughts that enter my mind when I think of Tim. Very knowledgeable with an ability to look at things from a unique angle. Tim is always a pleasure to work with.”

Sasa M.

Director of Software Marketing, AMD

Let’s Chat About Your Problems?

It’s a fact that businesses sell more when sales & marketing are 100% aligned to their customers’ unmet needs and desired outcomes.

It’s also true that, in most cases, businesses don’t really know their customers as well as they should to build winning products. Why not get in touch for a 30-minute, no obligation discussion about your challenges?

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