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What Is Your Product Marketing Challenge?

Tim Smalley helps brands develop highly scalable product marketing and go-to-market strategies. As a practitioner he uses his years of experience marketing and positioning products to help you, whether you work for an early stage start-up or a billion dollar enterprise. Tim builds frameworks and programmes that allow your business to thrive.

Value Proposition Design

Demonstrating your value and how you're different from your competitors, in plain English, is the difference between success and failure. There's no excuse for failure.

Go To Market Strategy

Developing meaningful interactions and experiences with customers is a must today. This requires a culture shift that starts with your Go To Market Strategy.

Sales Enablement

Whether you're selling products, services or a mixture of both, putting the right tools and frameworks in place allows your sales team to sell more, faster.

30 Minutes To More Revenue

It's a fact that businesses sell more, faster when sales and marketing are 100% aligned. It's also true that, in most cases, sales and marketing aren't working towards the same goals.

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Tim Smalley Builds & Develops Brands

Tim Smalley co-founded in 2001, which became the largest online tech enthusiast blog in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. With millions of monthly active users, he led it to acquisition in 2008. He then founded Expert Reviews in 2010, and grew from 0 to 1.5m MAUs and over £1m in revenue in under 12 months. In both cases, without spending a single dollar on marketing.

In 2011, he went on to land his first ‘proper’ marketing job as a marketing consultant for ASUS, before going on to work full-time for the company. In a four-year spell, he led a number of marketing initiatives across the business and ended up as Head of Global Technical Marketing, leading hugely successful global launches including Nexus 7, ZenBook, ZenFone and ZenWatch, which generated a combined $15bn in revenue. In a two and a half year period serving as Head of Product Marketing and then Head of Marketing at UK2 Group, annual revenues more than trebled.

He is currently building his next business, which will enable brands to flourish in this new world of 'pull' marketing.

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What Others Have Said

John SwattonUK Marketing Director

"Tim's experience and abilities have played a vital role in our success in securing widespread media coverage and increased market share."

Dan HollowayHead of Operations

"Tim identifies new growth opportunities, quickly gains buy-in from executive stakeholders and then delivers."

Sasa MarinkovicHead of VR & Software Marketing

"Very knowledgeable, and has an ability to look at things from a unique angle. Tim is always a pleasure to work with."

Problem Solving Is Our DNA

Tim loves enabling his clients to fulfil their potential. Whether it's just developing the framework within which you can build your own product marketing programmes, or a fully supported service, he will be able to help.